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About us - We are a Family Owned Company

Feel free to drop in, or call us if you have any questions. And as always, Thank You for your business!!

In 1971 Gary Wright along with his wife Nancy began to sell truck, farm and auto tires in Lexington, Nebraska as part of Service Center Oil, the small Sinclair station there. Gary called on local trucking and farm accounts and sold bias ply and the all new; at that time, radial truck tire from Goodyear. The business grew to a point that in 1975 the first Nebraskaland Tire store was built in Lexington, where it is still located. This store was a full service tire center from which the current company and its model of diversity and customer service began. The company became a direct Goodyear dealer in 1977 and sold only Goodyear tires for years after.

Nebraskaland Truck Center

Through the next 15 years the company grew and added a truck center at the Sinclair truck stop currently located at the 1-80 interchange in Lexington. Also added during this time frame were stores in Hays, Norton and North Platte, Nebraska. Through tough agricultural and economic years the company maintained a conservative approach to business and remained consistent in operations. Growth continued in the late 80's and mid 90's with stores added throughout Central Kansas. More diversity of services and of products were added to stores. Cooper became a supplier to the company in 1994 and other manufacturers followed to meet the demand of the ever-growing customer base.

Steady growth has followed and today the company boasts over 40 locations in 5 states. It now ranks among the top 40 independent tire companies in North America and services over 5,000 customers in it's varied operations daily. Still involved heavily in farming and trucking, the company has 3 retread plants and over 61 service trucks and is a commercial leader in most of its markets. The company has expanded into the wholesale tire business, wheels for many applications, specialty terra and turf applications and retail mechanical maintenance service. Expanding into Denver Colorado, the company added to it's straight retail store base and wholesale warehouse. Corporate headquarters is still based in Lexington while Wichita Kansas serves as the Operations and Finance Center with a corporate staff dedicated to supporting the efforts of all the employees in the organization. Committed store staffs, specifically top quality managers are the driving force of growth by giving great customer service.

Everyone from Gary and Nancy down thank you for your interest in our company and more importantly for your business. If you are ever not satisfied please let us know what we can do to be a better company. Nebraskaland-Kansasland-Coloradoland Tire, along with Guymon Tire and Panhandle Tire & Rubber are here for you for the long haul.

Nebraskaland-Kansasland-Coloradoland Tire

After over 40 years in business, we’ve learned that success comes from treating people right. We appreciate this opportunity to show you how we believe in doing business. Whichever name you know us by, we’re the same company with the same great people... honest, local folks who are dedicated to keeping the customer happy.

We hope you will think of us for all your vehicle needs.
We think you’ll find that doing business with one supplier you trust will save you time and money.

Gary K. Wright

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